Shed life

I saw this on Linkedin today and it really made me want to clean out my shed and make it really attractive and spiffy for work.

Only... if I clean out my shed, where the hell does all the junk go?


Winter can be beautiful

That winter white colour you get from a deep hoar frost is beautiful to look at.

It's times like these in Amsterdam you can imagine you are in a magical winter wonderland. At least until you hear an emergency services siren, or the ringing bell of a pissed off cyclist.

Winter is here

Suddenly in Amsterdam the winter started. -6C expected tonight. That makes riding the bike fun.

Note to self - invent push-bike environment cover to protect from sub zero temperatures.

Random Sunday thought

Sometimes the biggest obstacles we face are the ones we make for ourself. We fail to realise most of life is a green field because of all the walls we put in front of our eyes.